Red Thread

A new harmony-forward folk ensemble playing original music rooted in Eastern European, Yiddish, and Americana lineage.

Red Thread infuses their interpretations of traditional music with a harmonic sensibility rooted in and liberated from classical choral singing, with band members Sarah Larsson, Sophie Javna, Erika Lantz, Julia Hobart, Colleen Bertsch, and McKain Lakey each drawing from years of study with master-artists including Ethel Raim, Michael Alpert, Sam Lee, Dáithí Sproule, and stringband master-artists in Transylvania. With lush harmonies and the tight performance of a family band, Red Thread further unspools the line of folk tradition, merging rich vocal and string arrangements with the stories of real people’s lived experience that are embedded within folk songs.



Saturday February 10, 2024
Minneapolis, MN
The Cedar Cultural Center
presenting new work by Sarah Larsson as part of the Cedar Commissions

US & International booking
Sarah Larsson | redthreadsings [at] gmail .com
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